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And She Rises…

Sep 24, 2021

A few months ago, I was hosting a training for a small number of women entrepreneurs.

In this intimate group, I had shared that I had made a $1 million dollar investment.

The group, clearly, wanted to know more.

The thing about money is this:

It’s limitless. There is no cap. More is always available.

Money is always floating around and circulating the planet being exchanged between people continually and we are capable of attracting, allowing and generating more and more into our lives.

I shared with this group a bit about the investment, what led up to it, what it brought up for me...

And the value of being at our edge and being a little bit uncomfortable with the thing we are doing next.

When my team first presented this little segment of the full training I did that day, I was a little nervous.

"Are we sure we should talk about numbers that big?" I thought.

I was reminded of the one million other times I was afraid to share my goals, my wins, my vision, my successes, and moves...

And that this brand was literally built on doing the impossible and then sharing all my secrets. (Except, they aren't secrets, because I tell you everything I do and how I do it. lol)

Numbers are... relative. Especially when you are expanding. Numbers what once felt really big, eventually feel kind of small... when you are on a path of continual financial growth.

And while some people might be uncomfortable while watching this video, more people will be inspired and empowered. And... facilitating the later is my... job.

And while I'm sharing crazy things. I have to tell you that Amanda Frances Inc has received $960k in the past 30 days... putting us wildly close at the million dollar month.

Once upon a time, a million dollar year felt impossible. Hell, I shouldn't have made one million my life time. But with faith we move mountains. And with perseverance and determination we keep going. And with trust in ourselves and our purpose, who can stop us.

So, now that I've activated, sparked and lit up some things... here is this week's vlog.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below the video.

I love to hear from you! ♥️