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And She Rises…

May 2, 2023

So here's the deal. The universe - God - doesn't have conditions upon us for what is required to manifest and to receive what we want to co-create for our lives.

We hear Amanda say this all the live long day, every day…

==> There are no ultimate things we must do to receive. There are no boxes to check or levels of...

Apr 11, 2022

Listen: God is bigger. He is bigger than any religious building. He is bigger than man’s interpretation of him. He is bigger than the person on the stage telling you to think of god in a certain — often fear based — way. I don’t have a problem with the church — I have a problem the leaders of church’s...

Jan 4, 2022

There is nothing wrong with a New Year’s resolution, but in my life they have become unnecessary.

In truth, every moment of every day is a good moment to begin again and decide who you want to be + where you want to go + what is and isn’t working for you + what you would like to change.

We must remember that...

Dec 10, 2021

Cara and Amanda pull back the curtain on the publishing industry and dismantle the biggest lies that stand in the way of so many people writing their dream books. Hear about their journeys of being authors and what it was like to self publish.

Self Published is now enrolling!

Details + payment options + join us:

Jul 15, 2021

It’s your job to recognize what you truly want and to let yourself truly want it while holding space for it to manifest.

Your desires are given to you by the divine and they are attempting to guide you as you create a beautiful life.

There is already a way for you get what you want.

You deserve an incredible life...