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And She Rises…

Jan 28, 2021

Hi loves!

I am thrilled beyond to share this motivating, empowering, and vibey as hell video with you today.

Dance to it. Walk to it. Run to it. Start your day with it. Listen to it any time you need a boost.


Say it with me:


I am worthy. I am here on purpose. I am ready for more. I am ready for my next steps. I take the inspired guidance. It is time for the desires of my heart to take form in my physical reality.

I was made for money. There is nothing wrong with desiring more money. I allow myself to earn, receive, generate, have and keep more and more and more money. I use it will. I spend it well. I save it well. I invest it well. I use it for good. I use it to create the world I want to see, for myself, and for those around me. I trust me.

I know my purpose. I sense and see my path. I make my moves I take my steps My heart is open. I am being guided always.

I loved. I am incredible. I am a child of God and a creation of the most high. I give of my gifts, callings, talents freely and I receive compensations beyond I expected or imaged freely as well.

I step into my next level of abundance. And so it is. Amen.


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Music: WOMAN by Lady Bri