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And She Rises…

Mar 16, 2021

If you haven't been around here long, you may not know that I have a very religious background. I grew up in the middle of the Bible Belt.


As a child, I was very curious about God.


I had myself in church twice a week from the time I was in 5th grade on. My parents dropped me off until the time I could drive. Once I could drive, I was shuttling the other teenagers to church with me.


I have two bible school degrees -- from a ministry training college and from Oral Roberts University.


I say all this to say: I know religious dogma.


I know doctrine. I know all the legalism. I know the rules. I could recite for you every single thing a good Christian girl should and should not do and back them up with (taken out of context) bible verses.


And I know something more powerful than all of that: God.


God's heart. My heart.


I know energy. I understand how the energy by which you do a thing affects the outcome of a thing. I understand intention. I know frequency.


I know that there are people out there right now, giving ten percent to a church who do not understand the energy of abundance, do not know their worth, don't believe in the particular place they are giving their money... And the tithing thing probably isn't working that well for them.


I know other people who truly believe that the reason they are so financially blessed is because of their giving. They might not know that their belief in the thing is more powerful than the thing, but they are happy with the dynamic at play. And it's working for them.


And, I know from a lot of experience, a lot of years of tithing, and many years now of donating, giving and supporting things I believe in...

That there is a powerful dynamic available -- where generosity and giving are very supportive to you and your desires -- and where guilt, obligation and overcompensating are no longer in the mix...


When you understand the energy at play plus the power of the intention and belief by which you give + receive + donate + tithe... it can be a very powerful, rewarding and incredible thing.


In this episode, I break it down! Let me know what you think below. Unless it's negative and annoying, then keep it to yourself. Xo.