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And She Rises…

Aug 30, 2022

Today's episode is a seven minute clip of a module recently added to Money Mentality Makeover.


I have been creating content for MMM for over seven, adding to the course regularly -- making this program unlike any other.


From the foundation of healing your relationship with money to quantum attraction and wealth...

Sep 4, 2020

This tip will:

> Eliminate the need for multiple IG accounts

> Allow you to instantly and automatically know what to post online

> Take all overanalyzing out of branding yourself or your business

> Positioned me to run around, shamelessly in a leopard unitard

> Simplify your entire life

This is something I get asked...

Jun 28, 2020

If you follow me over on my InstaStory, you may have seen that we've had some copy cats this week. (Gasp!)
That's because I am really, really good at what I do.
I am really good at sharing messages from the soul that hit the hearts of people.
My messages get me noticed, seen and paid.
In today's video, I give...