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And She Rises…

Oct 23, 2020

Money wants to work with you and serve you. It wants to become a consistent and reliable part of your life.

Money was meant to support you in whatever ways you desire it to, but we fuck with this flow when we believe we are not worthy, feel that what we want is not possible for us, do not yet know how to raise our energetic expectations and standards, have not yet owned how we want things to be for us, etc.

Say it with me: Money loves me. Life loves me. God loves me.

But money is responding to us. And we have a say in how this goes.

I created Money Mentality Makeover six years ago. I had been very intentional in setting and meeting my goals for years -- but things had really begun to click for me. My monthly income increased by over 150%. Money was coming in expected and unexpected ways. My clients were getting incredible results--financially and otherwise--and I really, really wanted to talk to the world about what I was learning.

I was terrified, but I sensed that what I had to say was important.

So, I created a course. A few people enrolled. They loved it. More people enrolled and loved it. And every year since then, I have added more content.

As I learned more and more about the energetics, frequency and dynamics of earning, receiving, having, saving, investing, spending, utilizing money -- and trusting myself to do the above well... I added what I was learning into the program.

Today it is a 7 module course with 14 hours of bonuses.

It carries you from money manifesting basics to next level quantum attraction principles.

This is not the kind of program where the modules are good and the bonuses are okay. It's all incredible. It was all created on purpose.

And you get instant access to all 22 bonus video when you enroll.

As you scroll through the success stories on the enrollment page, you will see women from diverse backgrounds that despite various challenges, struggles, circumstances... all created a new, more supportive relationship with money.

And now experience freedom + joy + trust + relief in how they work, think of, and relate to money and how money, in return, works with and responds to them.

Enrollment closes tonight >>