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And She Rises…

Nov 26, 2023

Hello loves.


As Amanda said, these four powerful riffs were taken from The Holiday Bundle. The Holiday Bundle contains 22 hours of inspired, motivating, authentic content in 25 videos + a few added bonuses.


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Without further ado…


Four Truths to Springboard Your Success : Utilizing Fear + Being Real + Forgiving You + Knowing Your Impact


1. Fear is purposeful. Work through your sh*t. When fears come up, it’s an opportunity for us to acknowledge our worthiness and move through our limiting beliefs. Fear is normal. Fear comes up on purpose to help us move through resistance and limiting ideas and elevate to the next level. When fear comes up, I like to say: God (the Universe, Source) — help me to see this differently. Trust that the right signs will show up. Working through a new fear is hard, but without moving through fear we can’t move forward.


2. Authenticity is hot. You are your brand. You are the thing. Being your truest self attracts the right clients, students, friends and fans to you. People need our truth. People need us shining our light brightly and unapologetically. My greatest moments in life and business have come from me sharing my heart. Your truth is a part of your pitch. It’s how you connect the right people to you. When you share your heart, people feel it. Your ideal client wants to connect with you. Authenticity is hot. Authenticity is attractive. Being your truest self, unapologetically and confidently is attractive. Anyone who doesn’t want you at your best and truest self isn’t your person.


3. Love the sh*t out of yourself. In what areas are you not forgiving yourself? In what areas are you resenting yourself? Write a letter to your past self: Write out everything you thought was wrong with you at that age. Talk to your younger self about how all of those things were on purpose because they made you who you are. Sometimes the things that are “wrong” with us make us stand out. Talking to our past selves can help us heal our stuff. For all of this work to work, you have to love you. You have to forgive you, all the time. You have to look at your worst parts and love the darkness. You have to decide you’re good enough. When you believe you’re good enough, you give people permission to do the same.


4. Clarity on what you want and knowing how what you want serves the world. Ask yourself: What do I f*ing want? If there were no limits and I could have anything, what do I truly want? Why is it of high service? Why is this important? How does this improve my life, and the lives of those around me? How does this change the course of humanity and serve the world? How will it feel to get it? Be in that feeling. Feel the feelings as if the thing has already happened. Bring that feeling into your body a million times a day. What you do matters… a lot.


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Sending massive, massive love…

- Amanda + Team AF