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And She Rises…

Nov 18, 2023

In today’s episode Amanda shares four quick and easy tips for Unf*ing Your Money Mentality and Creating Freedom from Financial Frustration.


As you listen, keep your heart open for those ah-ha moments. You know what we mean: Moments where something clicks, resonates or helps you to get something you didn’t before.


Feel free to share with us what spoke to you in DMs, comments or email.


Please note: These clips were taken from Drop the Money Struggle Bundle — on sale now, through Monday night only. All the details:


Enjoy today’s episode:


1. Asking for what you want + co-creating it all. God isn’t mad at you. Gratitude is powerful, but know this: You can be grateful for what you have and still want more. This is possible. If asking “God” is holding you back from wanting more,  let’s change it up. (God truly doesn’t care what name we use as we sort our religious nonsense out.) Ask yourself: “What do I want from the world? From life?” Let’s get clear. Let’s get honest. Let’s decide, request, declare, become a match for and f*ing go. You can make it happen with your own human effort alone, but why would you? We can tap into the power of all that is available to us and co-create the life of our dreams. When you co-create a beautiful life for you, you have the resources to help and inspire others too. Tap into what’s available for you so you can change your life and change the mother f*ing world. 


2. Unf*ing your money beliefs. Nothing is ultimately good or bad. Anything you put negative energy toward, you give negative power to. Anything you put positive energy toward, you give positive power to. We can use debt for good OR we can let ourselves feel buried by it. It all depends on the stories we tell ourselves and the power we let things have. Focusing on anything with the energy of “not enough” creates more “not enough.” It’s all a process of unf*ing ourselves. Feel me?


3. Releasing money guilt. You don’t have to know the “how” of all you want to occur, but you have to be clear on your desires. You have to be willing to do the work. You have to tell yourself new stories (and believe them). And you have to live in a place where you expect mother f*ing abundance. Where you expect God to be on your side. Where you expect life to have your back. Where you have the confident expectation that you can set your financial goals and know they’re yours without guilt or shame. Money is not bad. There is nothing wrong with making money. Money represents freedom, and opportunity, and choices. 


4. Rewriting your money stories & overcoming limiting beliefs. What you learned about money from your family doesn’t have to be the ultimate truth for you. You can always change your mind and tell a new story around money. Get out your journal: What are your earliest memories around money? List them out. What did each of these experiences teach you? Is each of these things ultimately true? Begin to tell a new story.