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And She Rises…

Nov 4, 2023

In today’s episode, Amanda talks about selling as a sacred act and how you can turn the process into one of ease and flow. The truth is, there’s not one exact, perfect formula for success. How you desire your business to flow, the lifestyle and business culture you want to create, and your overall needs determine how you set up your sales processes. Know this: The way everybody else has done it doesn’t have to be the way you do it.


Key moments include…


1. Co-Creating Your Process: Amanda shares how she makes a “laundry list for God” of all the things she desires help and support with as she creates her offers. From the way the offer looks, to the timeline that it will be launched. She follows her inspired guidance and allows the “path of least resistance” to guide her.


2. Hold on to Your Desired Outcome: In a launch or selling process, you may encounter many ups and downs. We have to know where we are going despite how things look. When in a practical sense, it looks like it’s not going your way, faith comes in. Let go of the “shoulds,” ignore what others do if it does not resonate with you, and decide what you are a match for/what you will now call in.


3. Why Selling is SACRED: We must let go of restrictive ideas when it comes to selling. Selling is simply giving people the opportunity to do a thing with you. It’s letting them know about what you have for them and how it can help them. Selling is not evil, wrong or greedy. It does not need to be manipulative or forceful. It’s not taking anything from anyone. It’s presenting them with an opportunity that could ultimately change their life.


4. How to Sell-Out Your Offers (or Get Anything You Want): This is how Amanda deals with any question that starts with the word ‘how.’ How does she do it — by becoming a match for it. She shares a little trick for assuming the energy of what she desires when she doesn’t yet know ‘how’ it will occur.


5. Faith in Something Greater: To sell well, you have to have faith in something greater. If you believe that money comes from the humans who you hope will buy from you, rather than flows through them… they will feel PRESSURE. And pressure is a repellent. When we know money flows through people and not from them, we can take the pressure of all potential clients, trusting them to do what is right for them. And know that it is up to us, our energy, our expectations, our actions, and our belief… to create all we will receive.


The clips in this episode were taken from Sell From Your Soul.


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