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And She Rises…

Oct 22, 2023

In today’s episode Amanda digs into some of the most common things that make us feel crazy when it comes to money...


1) Overcoming anxiety and fears around money. We are often have fears around money. Both around not having money and having it. What if the money doesn’t come? What if get it, but then I don’t fit in with my friends or family? What if I loose the money? What if I can’t handle having it? Know this: Avoiding our fears makes them appear… bigger and scarier. Acknowledging your fears takes the power away from them. You’re human, it’s ok to be afraid *and* always know, you can move through and work through these fears. We reduce the power the fear holds, so that the fear isn’t enough to keep us from wanting it, going for it and knowing we are safe to have it. The work is knowing you are safe to have the things you desire. When you know it is safe to use and have money, you are able to stack and build it up. This is what we call overflow… and this is where the fun starts.


2) Making your money goals feel… real. And getting your heart, soul and mind fully behind them. When you first start thinking about a new goal, it might not seem possible. We have to get cozy with it. As you imagine it, journal on it, look at it, work through your fears concerning it, and feel the feelings of what it would feel like to have it, it starts to feel more… possible. In this way, you normalize it. You calm your nervous around it. You reduce your anxiety around it. You get more comfortable with it. And from there you know it’s not just possible, but inevitable.


3) How to raise your financial standards. Your “energetic minimum” as Amanda has coined the term, is the amount you can never imagine making less than. Know this: Something in you is available for money going that low. Something is okay with it to some degree. Something in you is allowing it and, dare I say, creating it. We must ask ourselves: If money is infinite, and everything is available, why on God’s green earth would I be available to settle for this minimum amount? 


Amanda walks you through an energetic exercise to demonstrate for you *exactly* how she raises the minimum number she receives each month. How she feels into it. How she sees it. How she literally moves this number up and up and up. How she solidifies the bottom number so it lands at a higher place at her choosing. And how we do this inside of ourselves knowing all the action steps that make it real (bring it into our physical reality) will follow. SO GOOD!


4) Finding financial gratitude even when you aren’t happy with moolah. You don’t have to feel happy with the amount of money you have if it isn’t the amount of money you want. But it will benefit you to get into some gratitude as you interact with money. Every time you spend to eat, shop, buy groceries, pay a bill… what state are you in? Can you release money with love and gratitude? Can spending money become a beautiful ritual for you? Take a moment to be grateful for both what you spend and what comes in. The direct deposit, the check, the payment notification. Gratitude takes us out of the vibe of “it’s not enough” and puts us in a better energy with money. Creative inspiration does not come from a “nothing is working” and “nothing is enough” place. You can be grateful for what you have while being in the vibrational frequency of what you are choosing is next for you.


All the love,

- Amanda + Team AF