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And She Rises…

Oct 7, 2023

In today’s episode, we dig into Ultimate Money Truths. Amanda breaks down:


1. Living your ultimate money truth. Listen, the principles of money are always true. When you open yourself up to more and move through your limiting beliefs, you transcend all other circumstances. We can make anything true for us. Ask yourself, are your limiting ideas about your life the ultimate truth for you? Of course they are not.


2. Let a season be a season. Slow seasons are just that. Do not perpetuate, accentuate and intensify what it means to be a season. Over identifying with a limiting belief calls in more of what you don’t want. When you recognize that you aren’t aligning with the thing you want, ask yourself: Who am I being that is available for this? We have so much power over our lives. Everything is happening in co-creation with us and for us. Let’s stay in and choose our power. Amen?


3. Upgrading your dominate vibration. No one feels good all of the time. We’re human. Fluctuation in your mind and emotions is… natural, but evolution is required. You will be required to redefine what faith is to us, what money is to us, who god is to us and choose who we will be from here. I believe you’ll find that when you do this work, your dominant vibration increases over time and you are creating and attracting, naturally, from a higher level place. Hallelujah.


4. Everything is possible. There’s always more available to you. Ask yourself: What do I want? What do I really, truly, really really want? And what *else* do I want? Staying in the place of knowing it’s never over, it’s never too late, it’s still all possible… opens you up to new phases and outcomes. There’s ample space, time and resources to keep going bigger, even when it seems like you’re stuck, complacent, going no where new. This is not your ultimate truth. It is all possible for you.


All the love,

- Amanda + Team AF