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And She Rises…

Mar 15, 2019

When my team first told me they thought this rant that I shared on IG story from one year ago, would be a great podcast, I was a little nervous. This was last Spring, and I was stepping foot into a church for the first time in 10 years. I knew that I had a desire to go church, but was nervous around the concept of blindly following doctrine, as doing so had been a paint point in the past for me. However, I reminded myself that I can trust myself. I reminded myself that it is safe to learn from outside resources, but know that my primary guidance is the fact God that lives in me and speaks to me. Like ACIM says, “His Will and your true will are one and the same.” The results of attending this church particular church for a season were very positive in my life and allowed me to heal more of my wounds from the past while deepening my relationship with the divine. And… I am all always thankful for that. Massive love, Amanda