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And She Rises…

Nov 9, 2021



A month or two ago, I was teaching inside of my Turning Sh*t into Gold program.


(Sidenote: TSIG is something of a best-kept secret inside of my work. It's magical and not as well known as it... will be.)


As I was teaching, someone asked me:


How do I know if it's time to end my relationship? I've been asking for signs. And I'm not sure what to do.


I gave them my best advice.


The thing is this: We are powerful creators. Inside of relationships, outside of relationship and in the various scenarios and containers of our lives, we are capable of turning shit into gold.


But sometimes, we don't want to. 


Sometimes, we feel we shouldn't. Sometimes, we know that that would not be what is best, right or most healthy for us.


Sometimes, we need to leave.


In today's video and podcast episode, I share, how I decided it was time to end a seven-year relationship I was in, what the clues were for me, and how I ultimately knew what to do.