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And She Rises…

Jan 8, 2021


More than anything else on my youtube or podcast, I get the most incredible feedback around my meditations — specifically my sleep meditations.

I was thrilled when my team found this audio from my archives filled with principles on opening up to life, reprogramming your mind, choosing perceptions that bring you into your power and position you for success, leadership, love, and abundance. These are some empowering vibes to fall asleep to.

After what happened at the Nation’s Capitol this week in the United States I questioned sharing this now.

With the injustice and suffering in the world, is a meditation like this too trite or basic? Does it lack nuance?

Is it too shift-your-mind vibes when we need shift-the-world actions?

But as a friend and colleague reminded me…

The foundation is — by definition — basic. And we all need foundational truths right now.

We need to process, grieve, release, work, fight and then REST.

We need to be able to take in content that brings us back to our truth and peace.

We need to stay aware of the state of the world, and also be present for our lives.

And change will always start in our minds, in our personal world and lives -- and expands outward.

I hope that this brand new sleep meditation serves you in that.

In hard, uncertain and unsettling times, it’s especially important that we find the peace within. Do your work and protect your peace.


Some words from the meditation...

Say it with me: I am a child of God. I am a creation of the most high.

There is no other shoe to drop. There is no way I could f*ck it up. There is no way it could all go wrong.

It is all being used for my good. It is all working in my favor. It is all being turned to gold. 

The better it gets, the better it gets. The better I get, the better I get. The more I shift, the more I shift.

It is all positive moment in the direction of your dreams.

Nothing can stop me now. Nothing can keep me down. I am completely fully and purely destined for greatness. Amen.

Check out full 8 hour version:

I love you.