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And She Rises…

Dec 30, 2020

I am so excited to bring you this free Morning Meditation for Manifesting designed to support you in transforming your day.

Now, of course, we know that transformation + growth are both ways of life and life long journeys.

We also know, however, that moments of feeling better, moments of intentionally creating, moments of dreaming, moments of letting it be ease, moments of envisioning and imagining, moments of action and strategic + smart effort... all add up. The moments add up.

And next thing we know, we have a whole new life.

As this year ends, it's time to begin again. It's time to step into your life's flow. It's time to choose who we will be and where we will go. It's time to trust ourselves more.

This is a meditation for guidance, protection, love and abundance.

Remember: You are deeply taken care of. You are fully protected. You are incredibly loved.

Feel into that truth. Feel into that universal truth. Feel that in your body.

From this place of love -- everything comes.

Say it with me: I love myself fully. I trust myself completely. I am willing to let it be easier. I am ready to see things differently. I am here for growth, love, belonging, acceptance, love, abundance, and so much pure joy. I get to where I desire to go with grace and ease. My desires arrive naturally. I am always being guided.

I am excited to see you create and design your best life -- while allowing this morning meditation for manifesting to support you in transforming your day in less than ten minutes.

We keep this short at 8:08 so you can come back to this whenever you need it! I love you!

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