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And She Rises…

Dec 5, 2020

I'm sure there is a place for patience (in the manifestation process) -- I just haven't found it yet.

^^ things I say while teaching lol


For today's episode, the team AF and I have pulled a couple riffs from a recent hour+ long training I taught.


In the episode I share answers to some of your most popular Qs.


I share on...


>> How to move out of a waiting energy and into a watching energy when it comes to creating your desires (no patience required!)

>> Defining + deciding how people think of you, relate to you, and know you online and in life (we often call this "branding")

(This has something to do with how certain people seem to pull off + get away with stuff we feel we couldn't. Watch for more.)

>> Journal prompts + inner work vibes to support you in creating an intentional and solid brand + presence

>> Integrating social media sharing into your full life + daily experience so don't feel like you have so many f*ing things to do 


Remember, loves: Our manifestations take a period of time on the human plane (in the physical realm). It may seems slow, but it helps to remember that you can have it because you can. Because you are moving toward it, because you are aligning with it, because you are a match for it, because you are calling it in, because you are acting + living + being + believing as though it is yours. Because you've decided.


Your world -- as you know it -- is rearranging for you to have what you've chosen. You energetic decision and declarations are that powerful.


It's not really about patience or being okay with the slowness. Yes, notice when something is not here yet and process the fear or frustration that brings up.


Then watch for the evidence that it's coming. Add up the evidence. Add up the proof. See the signs and indications of what is coming through.


You wait for nothing. You watch for what is soon to be yours. You choose your focus. You allow your feelings to follow.


You move into the confidence + certainty + knowing of what you've chosen.


Got it? I love you.


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