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And She Rises…

Nov 6, 2020

For most of my life, I considered myself to have pretty mild anxiety. After I went through something my body and mind perceived as severe trauma, however, my anxiety could be completely overwhelming me. It would persist throughout each and every day.

Now, let me say: While I am a trained therapist, this is a social media post. This content was created in the name of inspiration, education and entertainment. This post is not meant to be a substitute for medical care or mental health counseling. It may not be right for every person in every scenario.

Let's go on: I have learned a lot about moving through my own panic, disassociation, and anxiety. I have learned what helps me be with it, process it, move through it, and release it with more ease... making it a small part of my life when it was once a wildly huge part of my life.

The thing about anxiety is it can magnify and catastrophize any situation.

The thing occurring might be minor in the scheme of life, but anxiety can make it feel so big. Anxiety can make you feel like someone or something has power over you and like there is no way out of what you feel stuck in.

For me, it could make me feel like I was going crazy. Literally, crazy.

In today's video, I share a bit of what has helped me (as I give advice to someone waking up with anxiety each day).

One perception that has helped me: There is nothing wrong with me.

Considering everything I've been through, endured and overcome... I am so f*ing normal. The anxiety is normal. The repercussions of my trauma are normal. The unhelpful beliefs and feelings my body and mind take on are... normal.

I am okay.

AND I am getting better as I go. I am actually doing quite f*ing well. The past is behind me. The fears are fading. I am moving through. I am healing beautifully.

Peace is my birthright. Joy, love, and abundance are who I am, how I believe and what I receive. All is... f*cking well.

Remember: There is nothing wrong with you. Considering what you've been through, your reactions are normal. And they get to be released, removed and worked through for your ultimate healing and recovery.

I love you. I want to hear what you think. Leave a review and let me know!